Videos from Tikkun’s 25th Anniversary


Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor
[youtube: video=”l9lV0m3-zXc”]

Rabbi Michael Lerner delivers the 25th Anniversary’s keynote address on creating a caring society, restoring meaning to progressive politics, and striving for our highest vision in creating the society we truly want to see manifest.

Tikkun Presentations

Peter Gabel, Associate Editor
[youtube: video=”sZKmnIi_jOE”]

Josh Healey
[youtube: video=”5pOR_3cyvo4″]

ESRA / Citizens United Animation
[youtube: video=”An-A_HYxSuI”]

Alana Yu-lan Price, Co-Managing Editor

[youtube: video=”17IVypEifE8″]

Nan Fink-Gefen, Founding Publisher

[youtube: video=”HobiUAa4xIE”]

Wade in the Water – Rev.  Lynice Pinkard & Kelly Takunda Orphan Martinez

[youtube: video=”v6Dvv9LdCfA”]

The Tikkun Awards

Judge Richard Goldstone
[youtube: video=”rG_58B_y014″]

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf
[youtube: video=”r0IMzz7p6Mk”]

C.K. Williams
[youtube: video=”ZuLAO-OHmMo”]

Rabbi Marcia Prager
[youtube: video=”Rr3jvv97s2w”]

Naomi Newman
[youtube: video=”apoGSoKZbDc”]

Congressman Raul Grijalva
[youtube: video=”aWCdSuAC4ps”]


Videos from Tikkun’s 25th Anniversary Celebration in Washington DC

Organized by the Network of Spiritual Progressives Chapter of Greater Washington DC

On the same evening that Tikkun held it’s 25th Anniversary in Berkeley, the Washington DC chapter of the NSP organized a sister celebration for Tikkun at Busyboys and Poets.  James Lee and Imam Johari Abdul Malik presented Congressman Keith Ellison with the NSP Visionary Award to the diverse crowd that had packed into the space – unfortunately, people even had to be turned away once capacity was reached.  Much thanks to James Lee and the Washington DC NSP!

Congressman Keith Ellison
[youtube: video=”el6FnrK5_tw”]

The video for this impassioned speech by Rep. Ellison is a little dark for the first half, but it’s well worth it to hear Keith’s acceptance speech.


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