Tikkun Sponsors Nonviolent Demonstration

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Beyt Tikkun Synagogue and  Tikkun magazine will convene a non-violent family-friendly anti-Nazi rally on Saturday, the day before t​he Nazis are coming to Berkeley and at the same place they are planning to hold their event (the Berkeley Civic Center Park, Martin Luther King Jr. ave in Berkeley between Center Street and Allston Way, Saturday August 26th at 3 p.m.​ Many people want to protest the Nazis, but many want to avoid the potential violence on Sunday, so we have set up a nonviolent event for Saturday. We will do an abbreviated Mincha service (mostly in English)​, sing songs of freedom and tikkun olam, and we will have a few speakers including the mayor of Berkeley. Would you please help us inform everyone on your social media lists and your persona email lists since some of them have friends who live in the Bay Area and we very much want them to come and participate in this event which will focus on saying NO to Racism and Anti-Semitism and YES to world of justice, compassion and love for all of humanity and for the Earth! The event is cosponsored by the Pacific School of Religion and it is meant to be both Jewish and interfaith. And wherever you live, consider using this model for how to protest the Nazis without risking violence. ​Tikkun is proud to have taken the leadership in making this kind of nonviolent event happen. If you need more info, call Tikkun at 510 644 1200.