Ecumenism of the Deep Well

Pat Devine reflects on the need for deep ecumenism, given that “we now live in an interdependent world and that the quality that is needed in order for the human species to survive is cooperation.”

An “exodus” rather than a “caravan”

The Rev. Dr. Karen Bloomquist argues that we should refer to the thousands of mostly Hondurans fleeing oppression and violence as an “exodus” instead of a “caravan”; such a shift in language, she contends, might encourage people of faith to seek compassionate justice rather than perpetuate fear and violence.

On a Day Like Today

Bruce Silverman responds to the shooting at Tree of Life in Pittsburgh: “my prayer is that our tired / eyes can see and our broken / hearts can hear.”

Two Poems

Neil Silberblatt writes two poems in response to the shooting at the shul in Pittsburgh: “By now, / as experienced as we are, / we should have developed a liturgy / for such things.”

Beyond Patriarchy

For deflated optimists and radical pessimists, both, this election boils down to a simple binary choice. Letty Cottin Pogrebin reflects on feminism, the importance of voting, and shares ideas of how we can get out the vote between now and Election Day.