Is Trump Attempting To Outwit Congress?

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President Trump appears to be poised to outmaneuver Congress by threatening even greater
sanctions against Russia as a way of making it seem they cannot constrain his power:
The proposed legislation with vast bipartisan support would severely limit Trump’s ability to work
with Russia while imposing more restraints on its economic activity that even the EU finds repulsive.
Putin and Lavrov have denounced these measures as unnecessary provocations that undermine
efforts at an improvement in US-Russia relations. So as some predicted, despite that handshake
in Hamburg, the real agenda is more war.
It remains difficult to guess Trump’s true intentions. Is he making it up as he goes along or is really
in favor of harsher sanctions? By threatening to one-up Congress, he makes it look like they are
doing his bidding by implementing a policy he supports that requires tweaking by him to complete
his version of what should be done.
But as Gerald Celente often states, trade wars lead to real wars. The Russians understandably
see all these moves as needless political ploys by the West and an escalation of tensions that
make peace in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere harder to achieve.
Paul Craig Roberts remains baffled why the Russians continue to trust the West and see us as
their partners when every step forward is matched by two the other way.
It’s a bleak situation that portends more war. That is the best way to keep the military-industrial
complex humming along and well-funded while the public remains distracted by endless scandals,
a weak economy and an impotent Congress that is far more comfortable blaming others than it
is dealing with the serious issues that confront us here at home.
So whether he is being maneuvered into a war with Russia or that has been his goal all along,
the American people remain faced with a treacherous situation few seem aware of despite the
chorus of concern expressed by those skeptical of our bipartisan foreign policy based on lies.
This post originally appeared on State of the Union.