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It’s not our fault, Trump declares. It never is, adds Spicer.
As the GOP-controlled House retreated from voting on an Obamacare replacement bill for the second day in a row Friday, Donald J. Trump, who had said today was do-or-die for the legislation, called the New York Times to blame the Democrats.
“If they had stood up and voted to replace the disaster that is the ACA, we wouldn’t have needed unity among our ranks” to do it, Trump said. “Nancy Pelosi is a bad, or sick, woman for opposing our offer of health care coverage to many younger, healthier and higher-earning Americans. Such a nasty woman – a terrible, low-energy leader.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed, saying Pelosi was warned, “but she persisted” in uniting Democrats in opposing the GOP bill.
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer later amplified on the president’s comments, saying the Democrats are at fault for failing to curb climate change, standing in the way of increased voter enfranchisement, sandbagging reform of the justice system, blocking improvements in health-care delivery to veterans, uniting against consumer financial protection, constraining fair and unfettered access to the Internet, opposing sanctions on Russia, running roughshod over protections for endangered species and stymieing efforts for peace, plenty and security around the globe, among other items.
“It’s not uncommon that I’ve seen Democratic members of Congress taking candy from babies, snatching dolls from little girls, and kicking puppies,” he added. “Republicans would never do any such thing.”

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