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‘Changing the Channel’ on Trump

It’s been noted – and amply demonstrated – that Trump garners his awareness of the general national and world situation – its issues, problems, crises (and proposed solutions) and even of “fluff” – from his daily diet of cable “news.”
Reporting and observation have indicated that the president watches several hours of Fox and CNN virtually every morning, and his regular tweets (often expressing alarm, ire, contempt and so on regarding various pieces of information about events and people) frequently come within seconds of the broadcast about an item he is responding to.
It’s believed the recent Trump tweet (known now as “Treets”) accusing former President Obama of having wiretapped Trump Tower during the election campaign is one of many cases in point.
In response to this pattern, Wikileaks (or perhaps, electronic espionage experts acting on behalf of the “Deep State” that subtly, covertly directs the course of governance in the U.S.) recently hacked into Trump’s TV feed, seamlessly substituting audio streams from PBS, NPR, MSNBC and Al Jazeera America into what he’s viewing, while the images remain those of the likes of Steve Doocy, Dana Perino, Wolf Blitzer, Ann Coulter – and even Nancy Grace.
The effort appears to be bearing fruit, as Treets have suddenly begun to evince concern about subjects such as mass extinctions and the loss of coral reefs, slave-like conditions among fishing vessels in Asia, efforts to do away with bail for minor offenses, and many others.
Samples of these new, reactive outbursts include:
“Watching ‘Fresh Air.’ Nice. That interviewer has a very very girlish voice, quite young, warm. Cute!!! I would probably date her.”
“Puerto Rico finances, BAD! Foreign Aid from us needed! Can Nikki Haley get UN to help? Juan Gonzalez, tremendous reporter, he’s Mexican???”
“Who is Rand Paul, blocking alt-Obamacare – replacement?! Was he in the primaries??? BARELY! Agree though, refundable tax credits VERY UNFAIR!”
“No way my numbers as PRESIDENT are low! Nielsen’s polling BAD, VERY UNFAIR! Approval of my performance at least 3000 percent! GET IT RIGHT!”

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