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(Pre-)Deconstructing Trump’s Wall – Literally


In a phenomenon perversely inversely reminiscent of the collecting of pieces of the breached and demolished Berlin Wall in 1991, residents along both sides of the southern border of the U.S. have been making off with material slated for the construction of Trump’s much-touted barrier against Mexican migrants.
In this case, they’re making off with pieces of the the astronomically costly wall before it’s even built.
The activity has so frustrated construction workers and border agents that they have even used some of the same materials to throw brickbats at the thieves – “some of them good people,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement regional director Budd Tugly said he assumed.

Commented Mexican President Enrique Pene Nieto, “How does Trump expect us to pay for the wall now, the way the border patrol is devaluing these souvenirs by themselves flooding our market with even more of those cheaply made American cinder blocks?
“Oh, right – now there won’t even be a wall,” he noted.
“And, we weren’t gonna to pay for the fucking wall anyway,” added former President Vicente Fox in a pre-prepared statement.
“American-made blocks flung across the border are costing our valued Cemex workers their good-paying jobs, too,” added Pene Nieto. “And don’t think they’re coming to pick your strawberries and staff your Taco Bells instead. Self-respecting Mexicans are drawing a line in the Sonoran Desert sand now. The Rio Grande ain’t our Rubicon. They’ll have good jobs protecting our southern border.
“We’ve got all those Hondurans to worry about,” he said. “When Honduras sends its people, they’re not sending their best …”

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