Letty Cottin Pogrebin on David Friedman — Says He is Unfit to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel

  • Read all about him here.Neither being Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer nor espousing extreme right wing views remotely qualify David Friedman to serve as America’s chief diplomat in Israel.
  • In his own words.Thanks to APN’s Lara Friedman (no relation) for her exhaustive compilationof the statements David Friedman has made in the past on the subject of Israel/Palestine, expanding settlements, annexing the West Bank, discarding the two-state solution, moving the Embassy, and more.
  • Who needs Christian anti-Semites when we’ve got Friedman calling his fellow Jews “kapos?”
  • Urgent action.If you agree that this man must NOT be confirmed by the Senate, please call both of your U.S. Senators at 202-224-3121or click their email addresses which you’ll find listed here.And do it now!

2 thoughts on “Letty Cottin Pogrebin on David Friedman — Says He is Unfit to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel

  1. Let’s talk peace not war. Remembering Jesus was a Jew who taught, “Love your neighbor”. Blessings to and for all your staff at Tikkun for sharing thoughts and actions for peace, love, and growth in our rather fractured world!

    • World in crisis
      Why can’t Jews live in the West Bank?. or Christians… or who ever… It’s not a separate country that can define it’s immigration policy as in the USA… The progressive have no problem with letting anybody who wants to immigrate to America, a sovereign state… that has rules on immigrations?
      I support the two state solution… but it takes two sides to agree to this and so far, niche.
      But also, what is the alternate to the two state solution? More of the same, a one state solution?
      Regarding the appointment… I do not think anybody can predict how he will act once appointed. We don’t know nor can predict the future… The same with the President Elect.
      If we already made our decisions… why do we need a government?
      America is at a crisis … we have a choice… we can stick to our belief regardless… and destroy us in bitter fighting… or we can put that past us and behave like adults.
      There are people that want to remake this government that worked for 250 years… made great progress… created more opportunities… but with a social economic collapse… remember, it’s the poorer the poor who will suffer the most. And it is the downtrodden are the ones in my corner… I’m better off than my parents… We were the last ones to get a color TV… we had only one channel…Cellphones, computers to make our jobs and life better. Today, the 85% of the people on the poverty level have all these benefits. WE all get free educations from K-12… and if we work hard… can go to college on a scholarship…In the fifties… at Christmas, we five sibs got one apple and one orange… and that was cherished. One out of seven in the world live on 500 dollars a year. And we bitch because many of us drives like me a 17 year old car when I deserve a 2017 Chevy pickup with all the bells and whistles.
      Why are we well off… but not Africa? Could it be that we have this terrible corrupt heartless movement… and lament, “Life is unfair”. The hell it is… It all about attitude and free will. I’m 74, I resent that the government wants to tell me how to live and what’s good for me… that is a lovely wife, two grandkids full of hope, a small house a car two labs and a fat cat, I call Psycho, an abused kitten we adopted and after loving care.. is gradually improving in temperament. Yes, this is my America… .. 1.4.17 rlh

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