Letty Cottin Pogrebin on David Friedman — Says He is Unfit to be U.S. Ambassador to Israel

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  • Read all about him here.Neither being Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer nor espousing extreme right wing views remotely qualify David Friedman to serve as America’s chief diplomat in Israel.
  • In his own words.Thanks to APN’s Lara Friedman (no relation) for her exhaustive compilationof the statements David Friedman has made in the past on the subject of Israel/Palestine, expanding settlements, annexing the West Bank, discarding the two-state solution, moving the Embassy, and more.
  • Who needs Christian anti-Semites when we’ve got Friedman calling his fellow Jews “kapos?”
  • Urgent action.If you agree that this man must NOT be confirmed by the Senate, please call both of your U.S. Senators at 202-224-3121or click their email addresses which you’ll find listed here.And do it now!