Rewriting The Star-Spangled Banner — Send Us Yours!


[Note from Tikkun and the Network of Spiritual Progressives: We stand in alliance with African Americans and others who are challenging empty rituals like The Star-Spangled Banner written by a racist slave owner. We share this rewrite in that spirit. We welcome others sharing their rewrites of The Star-Spangled Banner with us and if you are ok with us posting yours on this site, send them to us This post has been updated with changes by the author.]

O say can you see

Why we’re stuck in this plight

Look close at who’s jailed

Or whose stocks are still gleaning

Whose broad stripes behind bars

Shout to challenge the “right”

Of a system so botched

“Free at last” is just dreaming

Will our sharp racist glares

Ever burst in mid-air

Let’s prove that this night

Will not end in despair

O say can you imagine

A star-spangled revolution

Where we’re ALL truly free

And with Kindness be brave

– Drue BeDo

Drue BeDo is a theatre artist, writer, and educator who makes her home in the PNW. Check out her adaptation of an ancient theatrical attempt at world peace: Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, A Woman’s Translation ( Drue received her MFA from Columbia University. Contact her for teaching and speaking engagements around the globe

2 thoughts on “Rewriting The Star-Spangled Banner — Send Us Yours!

  1. I read this right after I read the article by Tony Scruggs on” Insight” … how tragic and saddens I feel… Hate destroys one from within…

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