Bernie Sanders and Comics Part 5: A Finale with Paul Buhle and The Dales

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Paul Buhle is one of the foremost historians of American radicalism and the American Left. He is also the editor of 12 comic art books including Yiddishkeit and most recently has been editor of the project Bernie Sanders Comics (
In an earlier blog post, Buhle wrote that the “project brings together the ‘Underground Comix’ generation of the early 1970s with artists who are now in their mid-twenties and at the onset of distinguished careers. Each artist has made a unique contribution, in both narrative and in comic art style.”
Last week we here at Tikkun Daily started running a series of blog posts by Buhle about Bernie Sanders, comics, and the 2016 presidential election. With each post we also published comic art by Buhle and the other artists at Bernie Sanders Comics.
Buhle wrote about Sanders and memories of Eugene V. Debs, memes and comic art in the 2016 presidential election, the role of media in the election, and the history of Jews in comics. The posts were paired with art from Gary Dumm, Hilary Allison, Ellis Rosen, Nick Thorkelson, and Sharon Kahn Rudahl.
Today’s post is the last in our series and includes comics with words/story by Buhle (and Bernie Sanders) and art from Ben Dale and Karen Dale.
Karen Dale is a graphic designer who specializes in web and print design, but also has some motion graphics tricks up her sleeve. She lives in Pasadena with her husband Ben and their little dog Samson (
Ben Dale, a comic artist and humorist, currently has a web comic at and can be reached at
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(Managing Editor’s note: Tikkun does not, and cannot, endorse or oppose candidates or political parties. We have published a variety of perspectives about the 2016 election and are actively seeking articles, comics, and other publishable work in support of any and all candidates for the U.S. presidency and from any political party. The views expressed in the posts and comics are the author’s and/or artist’s alone.)