A new poem from scholar and author Ilan Stavans:

Our Dreams

Every night, as we close our eyes,

we are free

and the world starts anew.


In the realm of dreams,

there is no past,

everything happens at once,

night is day,

people are ghosts,

we are happy

and the world is ours.


Every night, as we close our eyes,

we are out of Egypt,

lead by Moses

onto the Promised Land


In the realm of dreams,

the lamb sits next to the lion,

the land is plentiful,

the air is clean,

and the water fresh.


And then our eyes reopen.



Nuestros sueños


Cada noche, al cerrar los ojos,

somos libres

y el mundo empieza de nuevo.


En el ámbito onírico

no hay pasado,

todo ocurre simultáneamente,

la noche es el día,

la gente es fantasma,

somos felices

y el mundo es nuestro.


Cada noche, al cerrar los ojos,

salimos de Egipto

guiados por Moisés

a la Tierra Prometida.


En el ámbito onírico,

el cordero se acomoda al lado del león,

la tierra es abundante,

el aire es puro

y el agua fresca.


Abrimos entonces los ojos.


Ilan Stavans is Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture at Amherst College.

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