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Writing for the summer issue is confusing for me now that we are a quarterly, with deadlines three to four months in advance. I’m writing this at the beginning of March for you to read in July, August, and September! On one hand, I want to encourage you to take time this summer to experience with radical amazement the beauty of our planet and its amazing ability to renew its verdure. I look forward to rolling in the grass, visiting the nearby California redwoods, and indulging in the magnificence of Big Sur and the Pacific. Yet at the same time, I want to invite you to participate in the September ritual of repentance and atonement for the way we and our societies have been inadequately attentive to the needs of the powerless and have instead made peace with policies that ignore or even intensify suffering and oppression.

If you’re eager for Tikkun’s take on the run-up to the 2012 election and other current events, the solution is to read the timely articles on our web magazine site (tikkun.org) and the blog posts on Tikkun Daily (tikkun.org/daily). Sign up for our free newsletter (tikkun.org/mail) to receive periodic links to new online-only magazine articles, and sign up for our daily digest (tikkun.org/dailydigest) to receive a single daily email with a digest of each day’s blog posts. The web is where we publish material on the political and cultural developments that can’t be handled in a timely manner in a quarterly. Here in the print magazine, however, we can indulge in the longer and deeper inquiries and questioning of assumptions that have made Tikkun one of the country’s most intellectually exciting magazines and that earned us an Utne Independent Press Award last year.

Meanwhile, we are still looking for interns and volunteers to join us at our office in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years students, retirees, and mid-career volunteers have all played an integral role in helping us produce Tikkun. They have also worked with me on my books, helped keep our office running, built the Network of Spiritual Progressives, and recruited talented new authors. Spread the word! More information is posted at tikkun.org/interns.

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