The Place of Hope in an Age of Climate Disaster

Illustration of a hiker walking up to a mountain and seeing a sign that says, "The Sky May Fall."

{title}The Sky May Fall{/title} by Guy Billout. Credit: Guy Billout ({link url=""}{/link}).

As the earth heats up, sea levels rise, and thousands of species face extinction, it’s easy to boomerang between denial and despair. What is the place of hope in an era of sweeping environmental destruction? Do we need hope in order to sustain our struggle to transform the political and economic structures that are fueling this devastation? Or can we try to save the environment even without hope—because it’s the right thing to do? Contributors to this special section draw on a variety of spiritual, ethical, and political traditions to reinvigorate our creative imaginations in the face of climate disaster. Don’t miss the web-only articles on this topic at

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