The Narcissism of Glory

red fire digital wallpaper

Photo by Cullan Smith on Unsplash

Touching the flame to a short fuse
Linked to bombs
Land Thieves
Trespass ground not their own
Igniting passions often suppressed
Now exploding to the surface

Southern rockets fired upward
Into the dome basket
Some swallowed
Some escape to their targets

While the Dome of the Rock
Of the Temple Mount
Rocked hard
Where upward motion
Once prevailed
Up to the Heavens

Innocents cut down
Some in their prime
Some never having the chance
As escalation tolls the bells
Between and within nations
In this uncivil of civil wars

Where rocks
And fire
And flames tumble
From skies
But not from the heavens

Complex and nuanced, indeed
But Declarations
Cannot serve as Justification
As the Foundation of any Nation
Until all major parties involved
Arrive on the same page
In Agreement

Leaders lead
Their people into slaughter
Take shelter
Crouch down
As leaders lead themselves
To hopes of glory
And longevity
Among the ashes.

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