Revolutionize Spirituality

Image Courtesy of Amy Perlmutter

Spirituality provides a way for many people to understand an oftentimes confusing and hurtful world. People turn to spiritual teachings and traditions for individual solace and inspiration. In addition to providing comfort in difficult times, helping us explore and sometimes answer the existential questions of life, and providing meaning and purpose to our individual lives, spirituality also has a role to play in our public and political lives. Revolutionizing spirituality means moving beyond spirituality as something we do in our homes or even in our temples, mosques, churches, ashrams, etc. and making it something we do and practice in public – in our political, social, and economic lives. It is important to infuse our world with the universal spiritual, ethical, and moral values of love, justice, peace, care, compassion, and generosity. Our efforts to achieve spiritual enlightenment or wholeness as individuals are intricately linked to and bound up with the political, social, and economic reality in which we live. As such, we will only achieve the former when our world reflects the most generous, peace-oriented, nonviolent, justice-committed, and loving truths of the spiritual heritage of the human race.

“For twenty years, Tikkun magazine has challenged its readers with an unexpected mix of politics and spirituality. In wide-ranging essays, Tikkun’s contributors have demonstrated that, in a time of unprecedented culture wars between religion and secularism, it is still possible to ground progressive politics in religious values and religion in progressive values.”  –David Biale, editor of Culture of the Jews: A New History

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