Rethinking Religion Highlights from the Tikkun Archive

Rethinking Religion Highlights from the Tikkun Archive

The Tikkun print archive goes back twenty-five years. We are hugely grateful to a team of volunteers and interns who have been putting the archive online over the last two years, a task now near to completion. You can explore it here. In the next phase the team will create more pages like this selecting archived articles on particular themes. This one was created by one of our interns and doesn't necessarily reflect official editorial choices: there will be time for that later, we hope! Volunteers will also be writing short blurbs for each article to enable you to scan the content easily. If you would like to volunteer on this project please email us at and please be patient if we take a while to reply.

"Who 'owns' the Life of the Spirit?" by David Bollier, January/February 1994

"Dealing With the Hard Stuff" by Judith Plaskow, September/October 1994

"Crossing the Ethnic Divide: A Meditation on Anti-Semitism" by Nan Fink, March/April 1995

"Ten Ways to Recognize a Sephardic 'Jew-ess'" by Ruth Knafo Setton, November/December 1997

"Starting on My Spiritual Path" by Naomi Wolf, January/February 1998

"A Spiritual Renewal of Education" by Matthew Fox, November/December 1998

"Why the United States Needs a Strong, Peaceful Islam" by George Vradenburg, September/October 2002

"The Jihad Question" by Esther Sakinab Quinlan, September/October 2002

"Is Religion the Problem?" by Martin E. Marty, March/April 2002

"A Spiritual Third Way" by Gregory Wilpert, July/August 2001

"Prayer as a Rebellion: What Happens When You Ask God for Help?" by Leonard Felder, July/August 2003

"Hinduism and Ecology" by Christopher Key Chapple, March/April 2005

"The Art and Ethos of Enduring Peace" by Sharon D. Welch, March/April 2006

"Conservative Judaism: Good for the Gays?" by Jay Michaelson, March/April 2007

"How Jewish was Jesus?" by Tony Campolo, November/December 2007


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