Letter to the Editor: All People are God’s Children

Greetings Tikkun people….

I had such a great impulse just to write and express my appreciation for this
article….I know there are so many Christians who believe one must be a christian
to ‘be saved’…..to which I do not hold…that extends, for me, to those in other main line
religions.  at the root of all the main line religions (Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Hindu, etc) are beautiful beliefs and I believe all peoples are God’s children…many Christians not only believe theirs is the only ‘true religion’…they do not believe non Christians are even God’s Children!
Such narrowness in thinking I do not believe is truly following the teachings of Christ, and I am saddened by this…also, angered, as I see it turn into so much hate toward others, as is happening more openly here in the u.s. (and other lands as well) through the KKK, white nationalist’s, and other groups. Thank you so much for this wonderful, and as I understand, beginning article.  Looking forward to more soon in the future.

Peace of wholeness..Shalom,

Arlene J. Williamson


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