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Tikkun is the voice of all who seek to replace the materialism, extreme individualism and selfishness of Wester societies by creating the psychological, spiritual and intellectual foundations for the  Caring Society: Caring for Each Other and Caring for the Earth. Tikkun offers a lively and easy-to-read critique of politics, mass culture, many of the debates in academia, and the still-deepening environmental crisis. And it is the preeminent North American magazine providing analytical articles on Israel and Palestine, latest issues in Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Buddhist religious theory and practice, and the intersection of religion and politics in Western societies, as well as the inheritor of the hopefulness and commitment to an end to racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophjobia, xenophobia and antiSemitism. We seek inner healing and radical nonviolent transformation of our globalized capitalist society. We are the magazine of liberal and progressive Jews, but also of every religion or none (atheists welcomed)– a the universalism of the Judaism we affirm leads us to embrace all humanity–and that is reflected in the wide diversity of our readers and authors.

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