Blessing and Prayer for the Protection of Immigrants and Refugees

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Prayer for the Protection of Immigrants and Refugees

July 2019

Shomer et Gerim/Guardian of the ‘Others’ Among Us
We turn to You with deep concern for the immigrants and refugees —
those who have come seeking survival, safety, and sustenance in our country —
who, even as we pray these words, are being tracked down, rounded up, and terrorized
by a cruel, bigoted, and abusive administration,
a government that ignores the cries of the oppressed and the desperate,
and chooses the ruthless power of might over the enduring strength of compassion.

Help us to stand up for the vulnerable and protect the exposed
with commitment, creativity, courage, and success,
as righteous non-Jews have done for us,
saving lives and preserving families,
affirming Your Image reflected in each and every soul.

True Helper in Times of Trouble:
Grant us the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge
to save the defenseless from all harm,
to shield and sustain those at risk of deportation and detention,
and to sustain our advocacy and support
with Your teachings of loving kindness, human kinship, and faithful  justice.

—Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub


A Blessing for Immigrants and Refugees – Light a Candle for Refugees and Immigrants Before Shabbat

We light this candle to uplift the prayers of refugees and immigrants fleeing their homes for safety and security just as our ancestors did before them. We not only remember the mitzvah to care for the stranger, the other, we, even more importantly, remind ourselves of the commandment to act, perform, and do this mitzvah. The light of this candle is a light of hope, possibility, and love. We are and must be love in action. Close your eyes and take a moment and make a commitment to engage in at least one concrete act this next week to love the stranger, the other, the refugee. Blessings flow abundantly forth from You, Transformative Power of the Universe, who calls us to care for and act on behalf of the needy, the stranger, the other.

—Cat Zavis


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