Politics & Society Highlights from the Tikkun Archive

Politics & Society Highlights from the Tikkun Archive

The Tikkun print archive goes back twenty-five years. We are hugely grateful to a team of volunteers and interns who have been putting the archive online over the last two years, a task now near to completion. You can explore it here. In the next phase the team will create more pages like this selecting archived articles on particular themes. This one was created by one of our interns and doesn't necessarily reflect official editorial choices: there will be time for that later, we hope! Volunteers will also be writing short blurbs for each article to enable you to scan the content easily. If you would like to volunteer on this project please email us at archive@tikkun.org and please be patient if we take a while to reply.

"That Black-Jewish Thing: What's Going On?" by Bob Blauner, September/October 1994

"Nixon and the Sixties: Mass Media and the Sanitized Past" by Edward P. Morgan, September/October 1994

"A Muslim Voice Against Terrorism" by Plemon T. El-Amin, March/April 1995

"Living With Genocide" by Steven R. Weissman, July/August 1997

"Fighting For Disarmament" by Phillip Berrigan, May/June 1998

"A War Against Boys?" by Michael Kimmel, November/December 2000

"Zero Tolerance" by Henry A. Giroux, Month/Month March/April 2001

"Stop Playing the Nuclear Game" by Michael Christ and Peter Zheutlin, May/June 2001

"Alternative Web News on the Middle East" by Johnathon Schorsch, September/October 2001

"Modern Fashion or Global Fascism?" by Jeff Gates, January/February 2002

"The Civil Liberties Crisis and the Threat of 'Too Much Democracy'" by Paul Buhle, May/June 2003

"Here's to the Skinny Kid With the Funny Name" by George Vradenburg, September/October 2004

"On Howard Zinn" by Noam Chomsky, November/December 2004

"Ending the Occupation, Saving Israel/Palestine: Strategy and Morality" by Rabbi Michael Lerner, May/June 2005

"Why Torture Continues" by Tikkun Staff, May/June 2007


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