Online Exclusives: America Beyond the 2012 Election

These online exclusives are freely accessible articles associated with Tikkun's Fall 2012 special section on "America Beyond the 2012 Election": Click on the titles below to read these articles. In addition, don't miss the print issue's ten subscriber-only articles on this topic: subscribe now to read them on the web (explore the table of contents) or order a single copy in the mail.


America Beyond the 2012 Election

The Stoker and the Plugger
by Charles Derber

God Sucks as a Campaign Manager
by Greg Palast

They Must Call Us To Sacrifice: A Christian Perspective on the 2012 Election
by Don Shriver


Essays on Obama

The articles below are responses to the ideas presented in Gary Dorrien's print article, "Obama in Question," as well as in his book The Obama Question.

Supporting Obama from the Left
by Sheila Davaney

The Moral Priority of the Common Good
by Frank Kirkpatrick

Core Beliefs and Pragmatism in Obama’s Politics
by Peter Paris

Politics and the Limits of Religious Optimism
by Anthony Pinn

On The Obama Question: A Black Womanist Response
by Eboni Marshall Turman

Practical Curiosity and Democratic Leadership
by Sharon Welch

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