Online Exclusives: Jubilee and Debt Abolition

The online exclusives below are freely accessible articles that are part of an ongoing special series associated with Tikkun’s Winter 2015 print issue, Jubilee and Debt Abolition. Many of our most provocative articles on this topic appeared in that print issue, which is only accessible to subscribers. Subscribe now to read the subscriber-only print articles on the web (explore the table of contents to see what you’re missing!).

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Fulfilling Our Debt to Humanity: A Hindu Perspective on Jubilee
by Murali Balaji

The Student Debt Crisis
by Alan Collinge

Sharing Empathy, Sharing Power: A Catholic Take on Debt and Jubilee
by Susan Wilcox

The Jubilee and the Global Economy: Lessons from Leviticus
by Norman Solomon

Debtors All: Facing Our Ecological Indebtedness
by Fletcher Harper

Reforming Money and Banking: Keys to Debt and Jubilee
by Hazel Henderson

A Buddhist and Interfaith Response to Debt Capitalism
by Susmita Barua


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