The rabbi tells us he told the children -- 

When you wrestle with yourself, 
who wins? 
You do. 
Who loses? 
You do. 

So you emerge victorious,
and you emerge wounded.

You emerge changed from the battle, but beware 
believing that changed means improved. 

No, you are still you. 
You will always carry questionable seeds.
retain the bone memory of struggle
that led you to becoming more fully yourself, 
scrappy still, but with a new name:
"holy scrapper."

The injury, the wound, the scar, the name -- 
these will remind you
to stay honest, 
just as holiness,
if it's not for show, 
will keep you humble. 

But why is this you are asking my name? 
And how dare you call me forth to show my true face? 
Who goes there? 

Oh, it is you, and it is not you. 
It is G-d, and it is not G-d.
Wait! You and G-d are the same 
and not the same, 
with only a name between you.  

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