I Don’t Believe

Photo: T.K. 2008

Koper, Slovenia.

I don’t believe in the state
that treats its citizens as garbage.

I don’t believe in community
bound only by the sacrifice.

I don’t believe in the person
bent to the bureaucratic language.

I don’t believe in friendship
disseminated as pollen on the wind.

I don’t believe in literature
that suspends life and erases the reality.

I believe neither in faith that humiliates
nor in politics that segregates.

I don’t believe in doxa that imposes
exclusion and playing God as her mission.

I don’t believe in freedom measured
by the distance between the plunderer and the prey.

I don’t believe in the heritage
of cunning and camouflage.

But I do believe in the life force of the world,
in the open blue sky of spring,
in the ordinary gentleness of the gaze,
in the hardness of a daily struggle.

And I do believe
in the strength of words
that have stepped out of habitualness
and slowly and steadily
proceed on the basis
of human kindness.

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Dr. Taja Kramberger, born in Slovenia and living in exile in France since 2012, is a poet, historian, and activist against State corruption and for human rights. Author of 15 books and 10 translations, “I Don’t Believe” is from her new chapbook, 12 Poems for Wounded Ukraine.

Photo credit: D.B. Rotar, 2016.


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