Heart Sūtra on Shabbat

Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash

   Shema Yisrael     Adonai Eloheinu     Adonai Echad

Gaté Gaté Pāragaté     Pārasamgaté     Bodhi Svāhā

Gone Gone Gone     O my Body     Gone Gone Beyond     the Gate of No More

where all the birds have flown

afterdark aftersong     Baruch HaShem     where you are

beyond decision collision & the infinite curtain

stitching vein to Vine     lice to lace lichen     love to move

from poet to justice     worship to warship      man

slaughter to laughter     bears & prayers     abundance

to ambulance     naked to be named     from nowhere

to now here     widow lifts window     rabbi is river

devoured in vowels     a dripping waterfall     the heart’s blue wall

where all the birds have flown

Gate No More     Beyond Gone Gone     O Body     Gone Gone Gone

Bodhi Svāhā     Pārasamgaté     Gaté Gaté Pāragaté       

Echad     Adonai Eloheinu     Adonai Yisrael     Shema    

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