Core Vision

Tikkun’s core vision of social and political change is both unrealistic and desperately needed by any individual or social movement that wants to heal and transform our world. It pushes us to envision the world we want and calls us to create that world through bold initiatives with love in our hearts, intellectual clarity in our minds, and psychological sophistication as we seek to take on the pressing task of saving the life support system of the planet and creating a society based on social and economic justice, generosity of spirit, democracy, and awe and wonder at the grandeur and mystery of the universe.

In the set of articles below you can find many ideas that have made Tikkun the location where some of the smartest and most dedicated and courageous social change activists and theorists publish their most fully developed strategic ideas and insights that might contribute to the hearing and transformation our world so badly needs Take your time to read some or all of these.

If you find yourself aligned with some or all of this vision, please join our Network of Spiritual Progressives or make a tax-deductible contribution to Tikkun.