Closing Thoughts on “What’s Next for Israel/Palestine?”

King Solomon, reputed to be one of the wisest ancient kings, decided to create a ring for himself bearing a message that would always be true. The message he chose? “This too will pass.”

Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota.

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn) studies a copy of the Global Marshall Plan. Rep. Ellison has endorsed Tikkun's plan to shift from a strategy of domination to a strategy of generosity and plans to introduce a new House resolution in support of it. Credit: Congressman Keith Ellison.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine will also pass. A new generation will arise that is no longer traumatized by the past and no longer believes that its interests are served by engaging in this struggle.

We, sadly, live “in the meantime.”

And we have a huge responsibility to hasten the day when trauma will be replaced by mutual affirmation and reconciliation, or steps in that direction sufficient to make it possible for that new generation to grow up without the traumas of the past.

As you can see by reading the articles we gathered for this section, there are wide differences in fundamental understandings of what caused the current situation and what will heal or transform it.

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