Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Tiqqun Corona

The Coronavirus disaster has stimulated messianic speculations among some in the ultra-orthodox world. Scholar Elliot Wolfson explores some of Rabbi Schneerson’s writings before his death 25 years ago.

Elijah's cup

Elijah the Prophet & the Passover Seder

Part of what makes this ritual particularly meaningful for me is a simple innovation my father added to Elijah’s Cup: after filling the goblet, he places six memorial (yahrtzeit) candles around it.

Jersey City

Rabbi Noa Kushner reflects on the third American anti-semitic shooting in just over a year: “If this continues, I fear that soon we will lose more of ourselves.”

Isaiah For Our Time: To Transform the World

In his teaching for Yom Kippur, Rabbi Michael Zimmerman compares the teachings of the prophet Isaiah with Rabbi Lerner’s new book Revolutionary Love: “Lerner reveals hidden facets of Isaiah’s vision just as Isaiah demonstrates the deep Jewish roots of Lerner’s lifelong project to heal society.”