Joseph and the Way of Forgiveness

Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi reviews Stephen Mitchell’s Joseph and the Way of Forgiveness—a novelistic version of the Biblical story of Joseph—whose message is one of compassion and gratitude.

Jersey City

Rabbi Noa Kushner reflects on the third American anti-semitic shooting in just over a year: “If this continues, I fear that soon we will lose more of ourselves.”

Isaiah For Our Time: To Transform the World

In his teaching for Yom Kippur, Rabbi Michael Zimmerman compares the teachings of the prophet Isaiah with Rabbi Lerner’s new book Revolutionary Love: “Lerner reveals hidden facets of Isaiah’s vision just as Isaiah demonstrates the deep Jewish roots of Lerner’s lifelong project to heal society.”

Religio Fascism

Rabbi Jeremy Rosen warns of the dangers posed by Yitzchak Ginsburgh who, according to Rosen, “has done untold damage to traditional Judaism and Israel’s case abroad.”