Call the White House: We Need a Real End to the Afghanistan War!

Oy, the war makers are now pretending to be ending the war. But they are not doing so.

How long will we tolerate these deceptions? Our tax money is paying for the continued use of drones against the people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Osama bin Laden is dead. Al-Qaida is relatively crippled. We don’t need to continue fighting in Afghanistan.

Last night, President Obama announced a plan for Afghanistan that will leave nearly 70,000 troops on the ground at the end of his first term. That’s still almost double the number of troops President Bush had in Afghanistan.

Call the White House now at 1-202-456-1111 and tell them you’re disappointed in President Obama’s plan and want to see the war end sooner.

Then, write to me to tell me how your call went.

While the press is portraying this plan as a large withdrawal from Afghanistan, the fact is that the administration is still investing billions of dollars and risking thousands of lives for a failed strategy. And risking the lives of so many civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan. And we still don’t know when those 70,000 soldiers will come home to their families, because under the guise of withdrawing troops, this latest plan keeps the longest war in American history going indefinitely.

That’s why the NSP (Network of Spiritual Progressives) is teaming with Peace Action West to urge that President Obama bring all the troops home by September 2012, not just a symbolic fraction of the troops who are there.

We need to show President Obama that we’re not satisfied with half measures.

Call the White House comment line now at 1-202-456-1111. Then let me know how it went.

I’m disappointed in President Obama right now, but frankly, I don’t think we’d even be talking about a withdrawal if it were not for the commitment of people like you who have made it clear that his escalation of the war in Afghanistan was not acceptable.

And that’s exactly why we can’t stop now. 

Just a couple of years ago, Afghanistan was still seen as the “right” war. But thousands like you have added their voices to the demand for peace, and now we’re not debating whether to end the war, but when to end the war.

But if we are ever to get a real answer to that question, and get a definite end date for bringing the troops home, we must keep the pressure on.

Start now by calling the White House comment line and giving them an earful.

Rebecca Griffin, Political Director of Peace Action West, has taken a leadership role in mobilizing this campaign. Don’t miss her in-depth analysis of why President Obama’s plan isn’t strong enough.


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