Patriarchy & Privilege by. Rev. J. Alfred Smith Sr.

We who are male are born into a society in which men are more privileged and powerful than women. This patriarchal society gives men the right to enjoy unearned advantage over women. Patriarchy defines what roles men and women play, sets the limits of opportunity, and determines the protections that women receive. Men of all races and of every religion and nation are complicit in patriarchy which permeates every aspect of culture, especially our religion. No men are exempt from unfairly getting the unearned benefit conferred by systems of patriarchy and privilege when women speak up against the system. No women are exempt from unjust suspicion, criticism, and hostility when they speak against institutional sexism and concrete statements or acts that denigrate or demean women or remain silent when they could be advocates and practitioners of justice.

Healing the Trauma of the Middle Passage

The roots of present-day disorder are about the inability of the nation's best economic theorists to untie the Gordian knot to solve the intractable problem of feeding the huge appetite of a large, bloated, and ever-growing economy in which expanding overseas markets cannot contain what was started when human bodies were sold as commodities, as simply material objects that wear out and are replaced.