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Tikkun magazine is now exclusively online at www.tikkun.org, both because of environmental concerns and because so many younger readers prefer online to print. As you may know, hundreds of print magazines and newspapers have been forced to shut down altogether, but Tikkun is hanging in online thanks to generous donations from our readers.

Please check our website www.tikkun.org at least once a week. We usually have at least one new article per week, and sometimes many more.  Below are the archives of the Tikkun Magazine from 1986 until now.

We are asking our readers to donate anywhere between $60 and several thousand dollars a year online at:

  •  www.tikkun.org/donate
  • sending us a check to Tikkun at 2342 Shattuck Ave, #1200, Berkeley, Ca. 97404
  • If you prefer to use your credit card and wish to give the info to a live person,
    call us at 510-644-1200

Some of our subscribers send this donation in the form of a monthly check of $15. $25. or even $36. For assistance in setting this up if your employer can’t do it, call our office 510-644-1200.

Thank you for any yearly support you are willing to give. Best wishes to you as we all attempt to survive the perilous conditions facing us, our country, and the life support system of planet Earth. You and we together can play an important role in healing and transforming our world. Please encourage your friends, family, and people on social media to check out Tikkun (www.tikkun.org) weekly to read new, creative articles and participate in our activism. Your donations ensure that Tikkun will be around for years to come. Please donate what you can here.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the 35 years worth of Tikkun in print preserved on this archived, you’ll find some of the wisest thinkers and creative writers in each of those issues.

Rabbi Michael Lerner
Editor, Tikkun

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