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Born of the Jewish tradition, but with a political perspective that attracts a far wider readership, Tikkun has for over two decades offered intellectually engaged progressives the substance they crave. The magazine’s ear-to-the-ground tracking of the Middle East conflict, international human rights issues, American domestic and foreign policy, and contemporary spirituality make it the go-to publication for authoritative analysis of religion and politics around the world. With thirty-two full-color pages, Tikkun has a fresh new look that speaks to the next generation.

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• Politics and Society, in which leading intellectuals discuss the most pressing issues of the day, such as the economic meltdown, the search for ecological sustainability, and human rights issues across the globe.

• Rethinking Religion, in which high-profile Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu religious leaders and scholars point the way toward a more meaningful and engaged form of spirituality.

• Culture, in which we review some of the smartest new books and films about politics and religion.

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