Act Today to Stop another Trump assault on children

Exterior of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Image courtesy of LunchboxLarry/Flickr.

Please act Now!

HUD has proposed changes in the eligibility rules of who can live in federally funded housing. The proposed new rule would required that all members of a household in public housing be legal residents, either citizens or green card holders. The problem with this proposal is that at least 55,000 children who are legally in the US living in federally subsidized housing are living with undocumented family members. So these children are at risk for being turned out of a stable home. Not only is this situation inhumane, it is also unnecessary. Current rules are that assistance only goes to those with eligibility. Even many individuals in this country legally, such as students on student visas, could be expelled from public housing, though their legal status is not in question.

Please submit a comment to the HUD comment line:

Addresses. Interested persons are invited to submit comments to the Office of the General Counsel, Rules Docket Clerk, Department of Housing and Urban Development, 451 Seventh Street SW, Room 10276, Washington, DC 20410-0001.

They are due today, July 9, 2019. The new rule cannot be put into place until EVERY comment receives a response. That will at least slow the adoption of this rule.

Thanks, Heidi

Heidi M Feldman MD PhD
Ballinger-Swindells Professor of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
Stanford University School of Medicine


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