Act to Help Reunite Refugee Children and Their Parents

At this very moment, hundreds of mothers and children are being separated from one another by a truly unconscionable decision of the Trump administration to separate children from their parents when coming to this country fleeing violence and seeking asylum. These children, some as young as 53 weeks old, do not know if they will ever see their mothers or fathers again and are being warehoused in cages with metallic blankets.

Families Belong Together

I have struggled with how to best respond to this horror and am in conversation with other organizations. In the meantime, I have decided to see if there might be a way to reach Ivanka Trump. She is in a unique position to influence her father, and as a mother and self-identified feminist, perhaps if we speak to her with compassion she just might open her heart and be moved enough to try to convince her father to change his policy. Here is the letter I tweeted to her in an effort to encourage her to act.


So we have started a campaign - #IvankaReuniteRefugeeChildren. This campaign has four components.

  1. Tweet (or send a Facebook message or post) to @IvankaTrump with the hastag #IvankaReuniteRefugeeChildren. If she were to receive millions of tweets and messages, she just might be moved.
  2. Include in the tweet/post your own message, a picture of you with your children, or other image that could awaken her compassion.
  3. Sign this petition calling on her to speak with her father
  4. Share this on Facebook and Twitter

In addition to the attempt to influence Ivanka, you can also sign our petition to Congress members here and join events on June 14th around the country challenging this policy. To find an event near you, click here. To build a world based on love, care, kindness, generosity, and social, economic, and environmental justice, we must take action in ways that embody that world.

Thanks for all you are doing in these incredibly taxing and trying times.

Cat Zavis and the folks at the Network of Spiritual Progressives

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One thought on “Act to Help Reunite Refugee Children and Their Parents

  1. The sight of a girl, who appears to be two years old, standing there crying, as a border patrol agent or whatever fascist style/type police/state type cop is pushing her mother from the back to handcuff her makes me sick and really p’d off.
    Has this nation/culture gone insane?
    This is acceptable? What the hell is the matter with the American people, don’t they see these picture?
    Do they care? No, unfortunately.
    As far as Princess of the family of Glorious Revered Leader Trump, ha ha, you think she would care? Of course not. All it takes for these historically, and morally deficient people is a few words from a ‘know it all’ or three from the folks who brought you the endless wars and suffering in the Middle East.
    One more word or maybe more:
    since many of you are of the people, that, my people-Palestinians- jokingly refer to as ‘our cousins,’ the Jewish ones, lemme say: the same heartless people that hurt the immigrants and those that don’t care, are the same mentality and type that turned away Jewish refugee ships during the horrors of WWII. That’s right.
    Salaam and Shalom.
    dear Fayez

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