Publishing Tikkun Magazine

Tikkun is one of the most trusted magazines, integrating intellect, spirituality, cultural critique, and art. Tikkun is always willing to speak truth and challenge injustice.

Tikkun magazine is dedicated to healing and transforming the world. We seek writing that gives us insight on how to make that utopian vision a reality. We build bridges between religious and secular progressives by delivering a forceful critique of all forms of exploitation, oppression, and domination while nurturing an interfaith vision of a caring society — one whose institutions are reconstructed on the basis of love, generosity, nonviolence, social justice, caring for nature, and awe and wonder at the grandeur of the universe.

Tikkun brings together progressive Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, secular humanist, and agnostic/atheist voices to talk about social transformation and strategies for political and economic democratization. These authors discuss the best ways to support the evolution of consciousness needed to save our planet from environmental destruction and from the perversion of human relations generated by the globalization of selfishness and materialism popularly known as capitalist globalization. In this way, Tikkun creates space for the emergence of a Religious Left that can not only counter the power of the Religious Right, but can also cross certain Left/Right boundaries by speaking to the deepest needs of human beings—needs that are obscured by the “values-free” education and media discourse that predominates in contemporary Western societies.

Now, in our thirty-second year, Tikkun is opening a new chapter in the way we represent and lift up progressive thinking. The ways in which people receive and read the news has and is continuing to change. We live in the age of social media: of sharing and discussing the stories that matter to us online. To keep up with this change, Tikkun is converting to publish a digital quarterly along with daily content exclusively online. This will allow Tikkun to report on current stories as well as give commentary on what we can learn from them. We strive to help make it easier to decipher the truth within the noise of so many issues; to understand how merging spiritual and psychological wisdom and analysis can create long-term visionary change; and to see how we can use them to create a better world. While going all digital is a big change, we must adapt to the world if we are going to continue to make it better.

As part of this change, we have recently added another exciting arm of Tikkun, namely the Tikkun Institute. The Tikkun Institute is the research and theory/public policy development arm of the Tikkun community, and a collaborative vehicle for change that can serve people for generations to come. It will support and develop the next generation of intellectuals, writers, and activists through a one-year fellowship program that will recruit writers and thinkers that inspire communities to become more socially, politically, and spiritually engaged.

Together, Tikkun magazine, the Tikkun Institute, and the NSP are a vehicle for thinking about the ways to make the impossible become actual. We overcome fear with love and overcome the pain so many people experience with a generosity of spirit and action. We know that consciousness change is the central first step, and we also know that those changes cannot be sustained without changes in the economic and political system.

Our goal is  tikkun olam — the healing and transformation of the world. The Tikkun community uplifts and inspires, calls for meaningful action and systemic change, and engages in joyous celebration of the awe and wonder of the universe of which we are a part.

Our presence, voice, and activism are critical at this historical moment, as they have been for the past 32 plus years. We have a deep understanding of the psychological and spiritual crisis in our society, how that impacts the social, economic and political reality in which we live, and what we need to do to address that crisis in a way that will help us build a loving and just world. Not unlike when Tikkun and the NSP were founded, the power of the ruling elite and Religious Right continues to grow and expand. Research conducted by Rabbi Michael Lerner and others, as well as more recent research (both qualitative and quantitative), anecdotes, voting patterns, and the rise of hate groups in the last 2 years, demonstrate that, like 32 years ago, people still experience deep pain and suffering from living in a materialist world that prioritizes the greed of some at the expensive of many. The Right and hate groups provide community and a sense of belonging and identity that alleviates the pain and suffering of their members. Any political or social movement that wants to build a loving and just world needs to understand this crisis and find ways to address it that embody the loving and just world we seek to build.

Throughout its decades-long history, (to read more about our history, click here) Tikkun has won numerous awards and accolades for its prophetic voice and capacity to envision and articulate a way to build a loving and just world.

Here are just a few examples: