A Promised Land

How to keep the promise of a promised land?

Not only a name, a place, a flag.

It’s an end to wandering in the wilderness,

the wilderness inside ourselves.

It’s singing sweeter than scorpions.

It’s touching everywhere softer than snakes.

It’s not letting hyenas teach babies to howl.

It’s families trusting without cactus spines

coming from inside our skins.

No more sand blowing between kisses.

In a promised land we are not made in the desert’s image.

We do not think with rocks in our heads

or take counsel with storms.

A promised land is promised to us.

But we are also promised

and to keep that promise we must learn

not to become hungry prowling lions

but to look at each other with gathering awe

as if we had never seen another human

so close, so real.



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