One women is breaking the silence – telling just a few of her personal experiences dealing with sexual violence, both physical and emotional, in hopes that it will encourage others to break the silence and speak up against misogyny, violence and oppression experienced every single day by women around the world.

Civil Disobedience and Love: Sandra Steingraber Puts Her Body On the Line

Like Sandra, I know first-hand how the polluting of this planet causes unnecessary and horrific suffering for present and future beings. And, like Sandra, I am frustrated about how little has changed for the better over the years, despite copious evidence she and other scientists have compiled that points to the links between toxic pollution and cancer, neurological disorders, asthma, and other disease. A myriad of health problems such as these and others abound from the lack of environmental regulations in the U.S. Also, like Sandra, as a mother, I worry about what the future holds in these environmentally degraded times for all children present and future. These days, protecting our children takes on a whole new meaning. So much is out of our control, and the stakes are crazy.