Help us celebrate Rabbi Lerner's 75th birthday!


Rabbi Lerner is turning 75 this coming Wednesday, February 7. Let’s celebrate him and ensure a legacy forTikkunfor decades to come! Here’s how you can help:
1. Create a short 1-2 minute video(you can do this on your cell phone, tablet, computer or other device) telling people (both friends and others whom you don’t know) something you particularly celebrate or appreciate about Rabbi Lerner and his work, aboutTikkun, and/or the Network of Spiritual Progressives (which he envisioned and then created). At the end of the video please be sure to ask folks to support our efforts to raise $18,000 in honor of his birthday, and most important, to help secure the legacy ofTikkunlong into the future by funding the creation of a new website.
We are asking you to both share the video on your own social media, using the hashtags #TikkunLegacy, #Tikkun, #NSP, and tagging Rabbi Michael Lerner, Michael Lerner,Tikkunand Network of Spiritual Progressives and then also send the video to us at We will then share the videos on social media and send them out to our supporters. Time is of the essence and this will only take 5 minutes of your time (and hopefully a generous donation as well!) – worth it, don’t you think?!
Will you join us and participate in this fun effort to both celebrate Michael and help ensure the longevity of our very important work in the world? If so, here’s all you have to do:
Make a short video (1-2 minutes) expressing your appreciation of Rabbi Lerner,Tikkun, the Network of Spiritual Progressives and/or his work. You can make the recording on your computer or even your cell phone (or tablet). Please be sure to hold a sign that says #TikkunLegacy and to both post the statement below with the video and end the video with the following statement:
“Please join me in giving Rabbi Michael Lerner a birthday gift that will celebrate him and impact our communities, and our society for generations to come.Tikkunis in the midst of creating a new website and social media strategy to help it engage with the next generation ofTikkun-nicks. We are aiming to raise $18,000 in honor of Rabbi Lerner’s 75th birthday to help secure the legacy ofTikkunmagazine long into the future. Will you join me? To donate, go to: or click on the shared link above or below with this video.”
In addition to sharing the video (as explained above) on your social media, please also send the video (or any questions you have) to Chris at
Click here for an example video!
2. Donate to support Tikkun’s legacy, go to:
Thanks for your support!
Cat, Chris, & Simon at Tikkun and NSP

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