Happy Interdependence Day!

–Phil Wolfson


Karma is a useful concept – really:

Causation with indeterminate effects and consequences

That can be linked back

And forward to

the running ball of new causes produced

That explodes like the pellets of a shotgun

Moving into space

Yet always attaching to the


And the what is to be

And the to me to be.

There really is not much control.

Take the myriad pieces that lead to Trump

The characters who play and played

Their own agendas and egos

The plow of profit

And the masters of profiting

The failure of true community

To overcome divisiveness and hate -

Still the great minority position:

Love is the answer for all

And so many choose limited, coterie love

And singularly feeding their faces.


Just back from Portugal.

Lovely people

Grooming to be tourist servants

Or Cuba,

Or the lucky ones in Mexico,


Division into the serving and the served.

Mind you -

It is a good thing to be serving.

But not a good thing to have that as your only option.


This started off this morning

In the bitter twine of the liberated

Becoming the oppressive.

The slaves of Egypt

Finding no way but to enslave

Another people.

In karmic terms

Trace it back to the Nazis

And the determination to just survive in a harsh land

Of sand and Arabs

Cultures there – who knew them?

Save from an ancient yarn.


Or our vaunted revolution

Where did it go?

The great constitution’s malleability


Being hammered to serve

We can see who.

We have lost our dross

In the outer world

People come here to get away from what is worse there

And to have the opportunity to buy cars.

Vets coming home are not just

Suiciding from their losses

But also from the confusion

Of what is real and true – meaning–

Whose interests did they really serve?

What are footholds now into love and comradery.


Liberating masters

Too often become

The next problem.

So many to choose from

The Stalins, Maos, Mugabes

From the Left;

The Mussolinis, Hitlers, Berlusconis

Now Trumps from the Right -

All posing as saviors.

So few turn out -

Mandela seems unique.


So here we are again.

July 4th is just not the same.


Peace, justice, respect and love

May that great independence bell toll!

May there be a renewal

A renaissance of value.

It would be lovely to celebrate

Wouldn’t it?

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