Serve and Protect Who? A Thought Experiment


People are posting a brief video clip excerpted from a mid-nineties film on educator Jane Elliott’s work. The clip shows her addressing a large audience, predominantly white people:

I want every white person in this room who would be happy to be treated as this society in general treats our citizens, our black citizens—if you as a white person would be happy to receive the same treatment that our black citizens do in this society, please stand. [No one stands.]
You didn’t understand the directions. If you white folks want to be treated the way blacks are in this society, stand.
Nobody is standing here. That says very plainly that you know what’s happening. You know you don’t want it for you. I want to know why you are so willing to accept it or to allow it to happen for others.

In less than a minute, Elliott demonstrates two profound and terrible truths. First, as she indicates, everyone knows that Black people as a group face far more hostility, danger, and discrimination than white people. And second, as a group, it is easy for those whose skins insulate them from this treatment to ignore the price others pay for their ability to move about safely and comfortably.

Elliott is best-known for a behavioral experiment called “Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes.” In a classroom or other group setting, participants are divided by eye color. Those possessing blue eyes are treated as inferior—reprimanded, made to repeat tasks arbitrarily, made to sit in a corner for minuscule infractions, and so on. In a remarkably short time, the members of that group begin to doubt themselves, stumble over simple tasks, find themselves living into the experimenter’s diminished version of themselves.

This is the response of the defenseless. By and large, blue-eyed people haven’t had a lifetime of practice resisting oppression, ejecting the oppressor’s voice from their own hearts and minds. They just succumbed. But when this sort of treatment is meted out over time, the dignity, righteous anger, and resilience of the oppressed grow, and they fight back.

You and I aren’t in a room together, so we’ll have to settle for a thought experiment. To take part, read the next few paragraphs, then answer the questions I pose.

Right now, in the aftermath of a week of assassinations—first Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA; then Philando Castile in a suburb of St. Paul, MN; then five police officers in Dallas—people are calling for drastic cuts or even dissolution of policing as it now exists. Mychal Denzel Smith’s eloquent April 2015 polemic in The Nation quotes James Baldwin fifty years ago expressing a so far enduring truth:

In 1966, James Baldwin wrote for The Nation: “…the police are simply the hired enemies of this population. They are present to keep the Negro in his place and to protect white business interests, and they have no other function.” This remains as true today as it was in 1966, only now we have bought into the myth of police “serving and protecting” wholesale. What do you do with an institution whose core function is the control and elimination of black people specifically, and people of color and the poor more broadly?
You abolish it.

Smith points to the fact that the average police officer uses only about one-tenth of work time on the clearly criminal matters that fill the scripts of TV series, and the rest on enforcing elements of conduct that present no threat to public safety, but give police official reasons to detain anyone they wish. Eric Garner was killed for selling cigarettes, Sandra Bland for driving while Black, Oscar Grant for being in a BART station. Every day, people are detained, arrested, beaten, shot, or left for dead whose only crime is exercising the right to exist.

We spend more and more money to lock more people up, earning the shameful title of Incarceration Nation. The following is from a recent White House criminal justice report:

Real total government spending on the criminal justice system grew by 74 percent between 1993 and 2012, to $274 billion. Similarly, in 2012, real per capita criminal justice spending was $872 per year, up 43 percent over the same time period.

When it comes to policing, there’s a lot of talk about bad apples. But when the barrel gets this full of rot, you have to stop and ask whether it’s time to toss the whole thing out and switch to oranges.

In a July 8 interview with Essence, Black Lives Matter cofounder Alicia Garza advocates cutting police budgets by half:

…[I]t’s important to note as well that we are so enraged, in particular at the lack of serious action to defund police departments that continue to wreak havoc in our communities. We are enraged at the lack of action towards demilitarizing the police to make sure they are not carrying weapons of mass destruction to test and experiment in our communities. And we are outraged that we are not having serious conversations at the legislative level about slashing police budgets.
And certainly, we have to make sure our police forces do not have weapons of mass destruction with which they can terrorize our communities. I think if we’re able to focus in some of those areas, we’ll be in a much different place than we are right now.

So here’s the thought-experiment: Reading the last few paragraphs, what was your response to the idea of drastically cutting—even abolishing—policing as it now exists? Did you think, “That’s crazy! Who will protect me?” If so, there is a colonizer in your head making you believe it is in your interests to perpetuate the system Alicia Garza describes so clearly:

Why are we paying tax dollars to departments that continue to murder our people? I don’t want to pay for people to kill us, and I don’t think anybody in our communities want that. What’s also really important is what you just said, that’s so fantastic: there’s not enough people inside of these departments that are seeing what’s going on, speaking up and speaking out. And so, we’re at that point now, and we’ve been at that point for a while, where we have consistently said: ‘What side are you on?’ And if you’re quiet, knowing that there’s a culture of racism inside most police departments, and you’re not saying anything, you are on the wrong side of history.

Those who’ve historically benefited from this system at the expense of Black people and others targeted by the police have a simple choice right now. Separate yourself from a system of white supremacy through word and deed. Or maintain your loyalty to that system and the perks it provides, turning a blind eye to the costs it exacts. Then wait and see how well it protects you when the violence festering at every level of American society—from street-level policing to Donald Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric—explodes.

Fania Davis, who knows what she is talking about, makes a powerful argument in Yes! Magazine for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission as an essential step, starting with Ferguson. We need all the truth we can get.

“There Will Be Time” by Baaba Maal and Mumford & Sons.

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2 thoughts on “Serve and Protect Who? A Thought Experiment

  1. It would be nice to get a more balanced approach to “what was thought to be “intellectual” discussions on all sides of the issue.
    For what it is worth… My thoughts are that Blacks and the poor are nothing by cannon folder for the progressives’ road to a fasomarxist state marching forward through capitalism to utopia where each are required to act to the best of their abilities…. By enslaving them…with entitlements and apolizing for irresponsible behavior of the mind set of the lot that thinks that way. This can not happen and since their souls have been hijacked.
    It is unrealistic to build a FM State seeking support from those incapable of mounting real change. Study the history of the Weimar Republic… the social democrats (actually democratic Marxist… that was not abolished until 1958.)
    The irony is that the longer in power the more democratic values they disposed of to control the battles between the Communists and the Nazi. And at the end caved in to Hitler, thinking he was a baboon and would not last three month… yet, in three month, he put the communists and the social democrats in concentration camps… went to the Parliament and told them, “Give me absolute Power… and if not, I will take it anyway… so they voted to surrender.
    One caveat, An student of FM knows that these fools used for cannon folder were no longer needed and actually a determinate to their mission. Remember in Dr. Z,,, Sasha was executed by the read army… And Dr. Z, a member of the nobility, lived because he had a much needed skill, medicine. he also was smart enough not to pick sides… Otherwise, he too would have been toast.
    The commenters talk about TRUTH… that is in reality is :truth”. My take about the progressives is that they have created a monster… and this monster will rise up and destroy them. (Weimar Republic)
    When the Germans had a choice… it was natural to pick Hitler… because he gave them peace (they thought) and Germany destroyed itself. Also, understand the support for the Nazi’s were the poor working class that had some investment in what property they had… small farm, small business, owned a house etc. They choose the “lessor of two evils”… Hitler.
    We see that today with the working class with something to protect a small house. etc.
    Now don’t get the idea that I support Trump… I support the one who are the producers, living from month to month with no savings… barely existing… but that is better than dying of starving. This is where the revolution will come from… People who just want what little they have.. and to live in peace… and hence will look past despotism to achieve this. I did not vote in the last two elections, and I will not vote in this or future elections. People ask why, The answer is simple… both parties are corruption. it is one thing to be a politician… but once elected, one should become a statesman…this concept today is non-existed today. All three branches of government from the top to the local community are corrupt.
    I call Marxism Fasomarxism… that is the system we have today. Both parties have this secret agreement, they nod to each other… Give me my pork and I will give you your pork. This was we maintain power and control. The realities is that both parties support capitalistic cronyism and entitlements All amounting to more and more spending.
    No citizens united is not oppression, it is the only opportunity for the people to toss these clowns out of office. The establishment is scared to death of citizen united.
    We are all slaves… The produce’s labor supports the takers, and the takers are destroying each other, fighting over the bounty… each’s only goal is to get as much for themselves over the other poor guy.
    People will get the government they deserve. Cultures growth is very slow, it’s collapse rapid. 7.11.16

  2. Our nation is at a crossroads . We have to define ourselves . Who we are ? What we are ? Where we are going and why ? Are we going to demand Love and Nonviolence and Truth and Wisdom and Justice and Peace and Freedom ? or are we going to settle for War and Crime and Poverty ?

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