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Tikkun is not only a print quarterly with a thirty-year history of publishing the best critical thought in spirituality, social justice, politics, and culture—it’s also a web magazine that publishes dozens of online exclusives each month.
Below, find online-access features from the print magazine, like Peter Gabel’s plan for transforming the justice system, as well as web-only exclusives from Marc Gopin, Candace Mittel, and Michael Lerner and Cat Zavis—plus poetry by Philip Terman and Admiel Kosman, and book reviews by Matthew Fox and Michael LaPointe.
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The Spiritual Dimension of Social Justice: Transforming the Legal Arena
by Peter Gabel

We need a new legal paradigm that affirms the spiritual dimension of our common existence. Join our efforts to place empathy at the center of the law.

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Plus—scholars and experts respond to Gabel’s call to transform the justice system.

by Admiel Kosman

We fastened ourselves to the holy texts
and witnessed wonders,
great was the city that lay before us
lights stretched like ornamental carpets …

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Created From Man
by Candace Mittel

Image of Dorothy Day Have you struggled to teach Simchat Torah to skeptical teens? Candace Mittel discusses the challenges of confronting perceived sexism in the creation story.

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Two Poems
by Phillip Terman

Labor Protest GraphicBecause the synagogue pipes burst / in the coldest part of the winter, / causing mildew in the holy ark, the Torah / became damp, edges curled like dried / leaves …

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In Search of the Thing-Itself
by Michael LaPointe

Hillel image Michael LaPointe reviews what one critic calls “the greatest spiritual autobiography of the twentieth century”— The Complete Stories of Clarice Lispector.

Making Nonviolent Statecraft into a Self-Evident Truth
by Marc Gopin

Nonviolent statecraft is a difficult proposition because policy makers act in the national interest, which almost never considers nonviolence a priority. Nations pursue war and embrace violent regimes as allies because the economic and political benefits of the military/industrial comlex are irresistible.

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The Weighing of the Heart in the Hall of Truth 
by Sean Enright

Conceptual graphic of crossroads of Heaven’s not for bodies, at least not my perfect one, and mirrors in heaven still lie as on earth, and still disgust.

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Toward an Eco-Theology by Way of God’s Image
by Matthew Fox

David Seidenberg is a man on a mission … to save Mother Earth from human rapacity, denial, ignorance, and selfishness, and to relearn in the process the beauty and grace of our humanity and the Earth we all share.

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The Path to Defeat Racism
by Michael Lerner and Cat Zavis

Sivan Hurvitz image Racism is the demeaning of an entire group of people and refusal to see them as fully human in the way we see ourselves and those we deem to be “like” us. When we fail to see the humanity of the “other,” we ascribe to them ugly characteristics that somehow justify treating them with less honor and less generosity than we would others who are part of the groups we do see as fundamentally like us.

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