Stop Telling Me It's Impossible


Stop telling me it’s impossible . . .
We’ve put men on the moon,
We’ve counted the stars, planets and galaxies,
We’ve built weapons of mass destruction . . .

If we can compete to get into space,
If we can compete to produce more goods that anyone needs,
If we can compete to create the best weapons,
Then we can feed everyone on this planet healthy food that nourishes people and the planet.
Instead of competing to create the next best phone, car, or weapon, why don’t we compete to wipe out starvation and hunger?
If we can win the race to the moon, why don’t we win the race to stop the production of weapons and create peace?
If we can create a house that can self-adjust its temperature, why can’t we create enough homes so everyone has a safe place to live?
If we can build towers that span the sky, why are people living on the streets?
If we stopped caring so much about winning the “race” and cared more about caring for others and the planet, we would solve our world’s greatest problems.
So stop telling me we can’t and it’s impossible and let’s get down to the business of taking care of each other and the planet. Then we will all win.

6 thoughts on “Stop Telling Me It's Impossible

  1. Absolutely, Cat. We’re all supposed to be involved in the common human project for the brief time we’re on this planet – what an opportunity!

  2. Bravo, Cat! How often do we hear “That’s Life” used not as a reason to improve it but as an attempt to excuse its wrongs? I’ll raise you ten (no, exponentially):
    I think it’s time we considered the question “How good could life be?” If we seriously pursue that question doesn’t it become self-evident that perfection is the ideal goal? Absolute perfection. Nothing wrong. Ever again. Ridiculous? Totally unrealistic? Why, then, did Jesus say (we are told) “Be ye perfect…”?
    The first question we should ask is whether such a state would be desirable, then whether or not it’s possible, and then how to go about achieving it. Space only allows me to say here that of course it’s desirable (by definition); not only is it possible; it’s our destiny; (Jesus knew what he was talking about), and if we seek we will continually grow in our ability to diminish wrongness and increase rightness until the balloon is whole. Not a prick in it. Shouldn’t that be our goal? The ultimate ideal toward which we should all be working?
    Stop telling me it’s impossible!

  3. “If we can win the race to the moon, why don’t we win the race to stop the production of weapons and create peace?”
    Two answers:
    (1) We never made it to the moon. It was all a giant hoax as part of the Cold War propaganda machine. Recently the head of NASA admitted that no human being can survive transit of the Van Allen Radiation belts given current technology.
    (2) Even if you believe we did put men on the moon, that was done out of ego and was basically a cover to develop rockets to carry our nuclear warheads and to launch spy satellites.
    So the entire “Moon Program” went hand in hand with war and competition and was the very antithesis of true global brotherhood.
    See this:

  4. Thanks for this basic truth, Cat. Why do we not pursue life giving economic and technical possibilities?
    Curiously, the Republican, Dwight Eisenhower focused on this as he left the presidency fifty five years ago. He knew exactly what had already infiltrated and grabbed control of industry, the military and the 435 congressional districts where the military-industrial complex operated.
    Our nearly impossible task is to unwind that complex. The task is hardened by over a half century of world leadership in producing weapons of death and destruction. Dinner tables in all 435 congressional districts depend on the sale of our leading export–parts, pieces, whole weapons systems with work scattered among a willing public. Jobs.
    is it impossible for an elected congressonman or Senator to be re-elected by calling for an end to the very system of death making instead of life making industry?
    At this point in our history it is impossible. But let’s hope and pray that Bernie will be more truthful than pragmatic. We are stuck in the Big Muddy and we need a Global Marshall Plan to pull us out of the muck.
    Please Rabbi Lerner and Cat and Tkkun stay focused on this.

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