Channeling Our Passions Into Effective Action

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I recently had the honor, with Rabbi Michael Lerner, of speaking with over 20 amazing leaders, activists, authors and others about how we can build a politics of love and justice and a world based on these values.
As the executive director of the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP), members often tell me they can imagine what a better world would look like – one that judges the efficacy and rationality of our institutions, not on how much profit they earn, but that they treat living creatures and the earth with the dignity and respect that we all deserve. Yet, many folks feel disheartened that this notion is not often discussed in popular media or that there isn’t a successful political party championing our shared values. These individuals have turned to the NSP because they want to be a part of a movement that holds that realizing this world is not simply naïve idealism, but, in fact, is realistic if we work towards making it so.
As with any movement, it’s important to glean wisdom and turn to those who are leaders in their own right for inspiration. The speakers in this series offered a profound sense of hope as well as real-world steps for action, which deeply resonated with the summit’s attendees. One of the participants told me that the calls had instilled in her a sense of inspiration and excitement she had not felt for years and did not expect to feel again.
Some of the highlights included hearing Marianne Williamson discuss the importance of integrating one’s own spiritual work with efforts to change the world. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda passionately argued that love as a biblical norm shakes the foundation of injustice and oppression. Other conversations included inspiring ideas about love and justice in Israel and Palestine, in the legal system, in the economic system and in building a movement itself.To learn more about the calls and see whom we spoke with, click here.
If you are a paid member of the Network of Spiritual Progressive, you can download the recordings for free and listen at your leisure. To become a member, click here and then email us for your download link.

The Passionate Citizen Intensive: Marrying Spirituality and Activism to Build a World Based on a New Bottom Line

I’m also excited to announce an upcoming 10 week training series taught by Rabbi Lerner and me. To learn more, you can listen to this introductory conversation with us about how to channel your passion into effective action for systemic change, reclaim your idealism, communicate with others to ignite their deeper hunger for meaning beyond economics and self-interest, and promote a worldview that reaches across differences and inspires others.
We also share on this call how to participate in our upcoming LIVE training – the Passionate Citizen Intensive.In this 10-week transformational program, Rabbi Lerner and I will guide you through the fundamental skills and competencies for sustainable and passionate social change so that you can make powerful internal shifts that allow you to effectively shift our societal structures for the well-being of the planet.
By focusing our attention each week on prevalent social crises that are gripping our country and the world – we’ll better understand how a spiritually progressive social change approach can move us beyond gridlock, inspire compassion, and generate creative problem solving. Course sessions are on Tuesdays at 5:00pm PT starting on June 16th. To learn more about this upcoming series of 10 trainings click here. And, if you want to receive $50 off the price of the training, join the NSP now (here) and then email us at to receive the link to register for the course with the discount.
I know that you recognize that living in a sacred and meaningful way means having a positive impact on the pressing issues humanity faces. I also know deciding where to put your energies and how to get involved can feel overwhelming. We hope you will join us for the call and the training.