The Present Hidden Holocaust


As my physical body grows old and older, there is in parallel, an essence aware of itself that becomes younger and younger.
Two opposite movements that don’t contradict each other in any way as there is a sense of wonder in becoming older/younger at the same time.
When life is seen as a miracle even the Holocaust is perceived as a gift of the One and Only Force of Nature.

A painting of an eye with a heart for the iris, with a blue background.

A David State of Heart, Yanna, 2015.

When we are identified with our physical body, trying endlessly to meet its corporeal needs for food, sex, family, money, respect control and knowledge we see the world from the 1st story of a 10-story building.
This perspective does not enable us to see much.
Imagine you see the world from the angle of a crawling snake that continuously looks for something to hunt.
We are trapped like animals in a human form, trying to survive as best as possible as do other beasts. It sometimes feels that animals are more “civilized” than us “humans.”
When we are blessed to have the highest desires of all — a passion to know that miraculous “Thing” that we sense but don’t understand and that keeps on bugging us; when we find more interest in exploring the meaning and purpose of our life; when all we care about is Love; then life is eventually seen from a viewpoint of the 10th story.
This perspective enables us to fulfill our potential as divine intelligence in human form.
In this state of the art every breath we are given is used to prioritize the highest in us.
Every phenomenon is an opportunity to see the Heavenly force in its growing richness and potential.
My mother was four years old when the Holocaust, or “holokauston”, the Great Fire (meaning “complete (holos) burnt (kaustos) sacrificial offering” in Greek) began in Nazi Germany.
A blue painting of a heart.

A David State of Heart, Yanna, 2015.

The woman of valor, who gave birth to me, was ten years old when the Nazi Germans invaded Poland and presented her with a new life in a form of death.
The little ten-year-old child was forced to live in a container filled with suppressed fear, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity , hunger, uncertainty, doubt, disease, discomfort, suspicion, mistrust, hatred, anger, tension, worry, frustration, irritation, confusion, despair and restlessness.
Death in a form of life.
Most of her fundamental needs were taken away.
My Dear Mother’s Heart was crushed and shattered to thousands of tiny wounded pieces.
Her emotional body turned cripple with no hands to caress her, no arms to enfold her.
The beloved grandmother of my children experienced a trauma so deep that I inherited it while she is still alive.
As it has happened to many like me.
Shrinking of the Emotional Body – Podcast
We are survivors of the Great Fire and as with everything in life, there’s a reason for that as well.
When we live with a mother or father who faced such a trauma without the opportunity to integrate it, it is very difficult for us to stay mentally/emotionally sane and physically healthy.
Many of us are experiencing the same old feelings that my mama felt while staying in the concentration camp 70 years ago: fear, anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, hunger, uncertainty, doubt, disease, discomfort, suspicion, mistrust, hatred, anger, tension, worry, frustration, irritation, confusion, despair, restlessness and depression.
Those unintegrated feelings of our unmet needs for unconditional love, care, understanding, acceptance and respect that so many of us still experience 70 years after World War II, could be the root cause for the deaths of over 17.5 million people each year, from heart disease — the number 1 cause of death throughout the world.
All our diseases are physical manifestations of emotional charges that we did not integrate. Our crushed, shrunken emotional body that did not receive enough love and care cannot communicate to another heart, and what we see in the world today is a result of using our mental/thought body and his friend the Ego as partners to deal with the pain we experience. Ironically that perpetuates the hidden Fire of our self-made present day Holocaust.
As I see it, the Heavenly fire is nothing but an alarm clock to awaken our One Collective Heart.
Everything that we see in the world today in the form of destruction, war, crime, the shrinking global economy, climate change, depression, aggression and violence are but mirrors to the sick emotional connections between us.
Who can we blame now?
Which day of the year will we choose as a Memorial Day for the “Holokauston” that keeps on spreading, sending its hidden flames to every field of our existence?
It seems that the General Blessed Fire of the One and Only Director of this play we’re all actors in, keeps on circulating and will probably continue even in a denser way until a critical mass of us will have the courage to follow our Heart and take humanity to a higher dimension on the ladder of our evolution.
It’s all directed from above – Podcast
When we stand on the 10th story of our Heart’s building we see reality in a clearer way.
We understand scale.
We gain the knowing that death is but a door to something higher.
We realize that we need to experience the contrast between pain and pleasure, good and bad in order to achieve clarity and choice.
We attain the understanding that there is a Higher Force that knows everything and can help us if we ask.
We can use every phenomenon that can harm us to bring us immortal life.
We can educate our Hearts and feel the Love, unity, safety, certainty, ease, comfort and warmth of loving mutual guarantee.
Did we suffer enough to wake up or do we need a few more World Wars to awaken us from the Egoic trip we are all on?

“Love reveals itself more in adversity than in prosperity, acting as does light which shines most where it finds the darkest spot.”

Leonardo daVinci

Yanna Bat Adam is an Israeli visionary multi-media artist committed to sharing the wisdom of higher worlds in times of change through original art, workshops, and quantum healing.

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