Voting in the WZO Election Does Matter


We cannot change the results of the last Israeli elections. Netanyahu will serve another term as the prime minister, only this time of a more right-wing government. This is an unfortunate fact.
Though you can’t change the results of the election, you can still have a say over what happens in Israel.
Just as groups on the Israeli Left face increasing marginalization, so too do progressive Zionist organizations in America. The American Zionist Movement (AZM) is holding an election to determine the views of American Jews for the World Zionist Congress, which takes place in October 2015. Much like Israel’s Knesset, there is a progressive slate of delegates that represents liberal Zionist ideals in the face of hardliners. It is the combined slate of Ameinu, Partners for a Progressive Israel, Hashomer Hatzair, and Habonim Dror. We call this the HATIKVAH slate.
The HATKIVAH platform calls for a negotiated two-state solution and a freeze of settlement activity; the creation of a robust social safety net and the protection of civil rights for all Israeli citizens; and an active platform for combatting the international BDS movement, among other things. We encourage you to see our full platform at
We have already succeeded in passing a resolution to make money within the WZO’s Settlement Division fully transparent. The Settlement Division was previously used by the Israeli government as a loophole for hiding funds for illegal West Bank settlements. Your vote in the WZO can strengthen this resolution.
Our delegation includes leaders, of J Street, New Israel Fund; Americans for Peace Now; and a host of progressive leaders of American Jewry. We are aligned with the values and policies of Meretz and the Israeli Labor Party and work to embolden our activist counterparts in Israel.
This is your opportunity to take a stand. Voting in the WZO election DOES matter. It is imperative that you go to the website and join with our partners telling the world that we are the OPPOSITION to the status quo.
You must vote by April 30, 2015 to have your voice heard.
Larry Lerner

One thought on “Voting in the WZO Election Does Matter

  1. The two-state solution is long dead. The Palestinians have such little room left that there wouldn’t be any room for their “state”. And that little room is narrowing every day.

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