Intern with Rabbi Michael Lerner and the NSP


Heal and Transform the World Internship with Tikkun Magazine and the NSP interfaith and secular-humanist and atheist-welcoming Network of Spiritual Progressives a few blocks from the UC Berkeley Campus.
Are you worried about climate change and upset about how the destruction of our environment is threatening our collective future? Are you outraged by the amount of power that corporations and the top 1% of wealthy people have over U.S. politics and our lives? Do you want to build a future in which “homeland security” is achieved through ending global poverty rather than through the military invasion of other countries?
If so, come intern with Tikkun magazine’s Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP), an interfaith organization that is also welcoming to “spiritual but not religious” atheists and agnostics. The Network of Spiritual Progressives is a project of Tikkun Magazine. Internships are at 2375 Shattuck Ave between Durant Ave and Channing Ave in Berkeley. Tikkun is a Hebrew word which means “healing, repair and transformation.” The NSP is co-chaired by Rabbi Michael Lerner and environmental activist Vandana Shiva. Please read our website at
Interns help us get support and endorsements for our Global Marshall Plan and our Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would not only ban all private money (not just from corporations but from everyone) in elections and require public funding only, but would also require any corporation (located in or selling its products or services or advertising in the U.S.) with incomes above $50 million a year to get a new corporate charter every five years which would only be granted to those that could prove to a panel of ordinary citizens a satisfactory history of environmental and social responsibility (check it out at Other areas of work include:

  • recruiting young and brilliant writers for Tikkun magazine editing articles for our magazine, website, and blasts
  • redesigning our NSP website
  • creating a campus chapter of NSP
  • helping us create a “spiritual progressive” festival for 2016 and a national conference
  • working with Rabbi Lerner on a spiritual commentary on the Torah
  • organizing demonstrations and protests against the materialism and selfishness endemic in capitalist society
  • organizing professionals around Tikkun‘s New Bottom Line.

To get a sense of our organization, read Tikkun magazine’s home page, and then read the article that explains our strategy at The fullest way to understand our approach is to read Rabbi Michael Lerner’s 2006 national bestseller: The Left Hand of God – Taking Back our Country from the Religious Right, and his 2012 book Embracing Israel and Palestine: A Strategy for Middle East Peace (you can read about this one at and see why it has been endorsed by former US President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former chair of the Knesset Abrum Burg, Palestinian non-violence leader Sami Awad, social theorists Robert Bellah and Zygmunt Bauman, Cornel West, Jessica Benjamin and many others).
We are currently seeking spring interns for 2015 and summer 2015 interns to start in May or June and Fall 2015-Spring 2016 to start in late August or early September 2015. Unfortunately, there’s no pay or stipend for this internship (though former interns have used their internship with us to open many doors for employment-particularly in academia, publishing, media, and politics – you’d be surprised at how many people in positions of influence read and respect Tikkun magazine).
Write a self-revealing letter to Rabbi Michael Lerner, telling about yourself, your passions, what part of the Network of Spiritual Progressives’ vision you share and what part seems problematic to you, what your special talents are, what your time availability is (starting when?), and about your own passion in life, goals for yourself, and reason for wanting to work with Tikkun/NSP. When are you available to start and for how long? We need a minimum commitment of sixteen hours per week. Email to:

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