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Berkeley Protests /Credit: Annette Bernhardt

A vital aspect of the ongoing Berkeley Protests (along with those around the country) is the undeniable power of voice. We at Tikkun believe in the voice of the people, from that of an individual blogger to the harmonious chants of thousands in the streets. We know, as these protests have shown, how powerful a group of citizens can be when they come together to let their voices be heard. And we know the importance of each individual within the crowd.
Over the years both Tikkun and the Tikkun Daily blog have expanded their writer base, drawing in brilliant younger writers and increasing interfaith diversity. We’ve created a platform for individuals to let their voices free. This grants them the opportunity to gather momentum and support and turn their single cry into the chant of many.
Below we have two examples of writers who have graced Tikkun with their voice and in turn found a home:

Where could a Jewish, gay, Air Force veteran turned high-tech consultant turned peacenik consistently find inspiration, hope, encouragement, and a worldwide community of people trying to make sense out of madness and peace out of chaos? Tikkun of course! There’s nothing quite like the collective voice that emerges from the pages of the magazine, the blog posts, the comments, and the art of Tikkun. It is an honor to work for Tikkun, to write for Tikkun Daily, and to be part of a movement that can heal the world.
-Craig Wiesner
I cannot imagine what we would do without Tikkun. The sad truth is that neither the mainstream median or the blogosphere includes powerful voices which address the issues from a progressive (and Jewish) perspective. But that is Tikkun’s mission and it performs it well. Tikkun is simply irreplaceable,especially in times like these when the Right seems to have the upper hand. Tikkun gives it no quarter. It is in the ring fighting, day by day, month by month. Now more than ever Tikkun needs our support.
-MJ Rosenberg

And though it is awe-inspiring when a large group gathers for a national tragedy, we also know the power of consistently gathering at a local level – which is what we attempt to do with the Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP).
Cat Zavis has been strategizing with chapter leaders to revitalize our international network, energize members, and provide the support necessary to sustain their work. Imagine if the large numbers of protesters showing up to the ongoing Berkeley protests also showed up to their local council meetings– we could be making some rapid progress! It often takes the connection of many small, local-level changes to bring about major achievements.
If you have interest in learning more about the NSP or even starting a local chapter,Cat can help: email her at Cat@spiritualprogressives.org.
And inevitably, supporting these voices and building up the NSP, like our other activities, can only be sustained with your financial help. As we come into the last month of our Fall Fundraising Drive, we ask for every last push within you to help us reach our goal. We are less than $1,500 away, making it a goal that is definitely within our reach!

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