Radical Amazement is Here! And the Continuation of Our Drive

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This week we are extremely excited to present to you Radical Amazement, a free downloadable album with your donation or NSP membership. Radical Amazement is a collection of songs by a diverse array of artists, all with a message of love, kindness, and generosity. This is a unique album blending politics and spirituality across a multitude of genres, and you won’t want to miss out on this inspiring musical selection.
In accordance with the variety of voices coming together to sing on this album, we’d like to highlight another aspect of Tikkun that makes its survival imperative: the wide range of writers we publish both in our magazine and on our blog. Tikkun and Tikkun Daily have expanded their writer base over the years, drawing in brilliant new young writers and increasing interfaith diversity.
By doing this, we can present multiple sides of an issue straight from an authentic source, we can pay homage to multiple traditions, holidays and events, and we can overall spread more awareness and educate one another of worlds outside our own. To further support this, we’re providing testimonials from two of our dear bloggers, Donna Schaper and Craig Wiesner.

You have plenty of people with their hands in your pockets and your pocketbooks this fall. They are all there for good reasons: they do good work. What you will reap in a gift to Tikkun is a grounding for the many mitzvahs among us. Tikkun helps me understand what is important and not just what is urgent. It helps me think about God in new ways. It affirms me in my sense that spiritual meaning is paramount, the priority within my many priorities. Thank you, TIkkun, for grounding my being and those of so many others.
-Donna Schaper
Where could a Jewish, gay, Air Force veteran turned high-tech consultant turned peacenik consistently find inspiration, hope, encouragement, and a worldwide community of people trying to make sense out of madness and peace out of chaos? Tikkun of course! There’s nothing quite like the collective voice that emerges from the pages of the magazine, the blog posts, the comments, and the art of Tikkun. It is an honor to work for Tikkun, to write for Tikkun Daily, and to be part of a movement that can heal the world.
-Craig Wiesner

Thank you Donna and Craig, and thank you to all of our readers who have helped support us thus far. We are making some great progress toward our goal (we passed the $2,000 mark!) and we couldn’t survive without you.

If you’d like to donate you may do so here (donations are tax-deductible since we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit).
You can also send a check to: Tikkun, 2342 Shattuck Ave. #1200, Berkeley, CA 94704
Or donate by phone: 510-644-1200
If you are unemployed right now, please save your money and instead help spread the word that we exist. We’d be so grateful if you would urge your friends, coworkers, and family to sign up for the free Tikkun Daily email digest.
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