Tikkun Wins 2014 Magazine of the Year Award​


Tikkun is the winner of the 2014 “Magazine of the Year: Overall Excellence in Religion Coverage” award from the Religion Newswriters Association!

Alana at RNA

As managing editor, I was honored to accept the Religion Newswriters Association award on behalf of Tikkun. Credit: Dawn Cherie Araujo.

Tikkun caught the eye of the Religion Newswriters Association (RNA) with our special issue on immigration, which took discussions of spiritual religious principles and values beyond the confines of temples, churches, mosques, and synagogues, and instead debated their application in political and social realms. Reading Puck Lo’s report on a Sikh temple that mobilized to protect a worshiper from deportation, a diverse array of articles on why scripture should energize faith communities to fight for more caring policies on immigration, Ross Hyman’s impassioned article about why it’s a Jewish obligation to stand up for collective bargaining rights, and the many other wonderful contributions to that issue, the judges at the RNA decided to offer this special honor to Tikkun.
The immigration issue lauded by the RNA was just one example of the deep convergence of religious and political thought that makes Tikkun powerful and unique. Our themes range from explorations of life beyond the gender binary, to reports on activist efforts to put into practice a politics of care, to first-person narratives about Muslim prayer at the Great Mosque of Córdoba.
There’s more great content in store in the coming months. We’re very excited about the next three print issues of Tikkun that are coming up: the Fall 2014 issue on “Disability Justice and Spirituality,” the Winter 2015 issue on “Jubilee and Debt Abolition,” and the Spring 2015 issue on “The Place of Hope in an Age of Climate Disaster.” If you’re not yet a print subscriber, you can subscribe or join Tikkun‘s supporter network now to receive them.
awardThe Religion Newswriters Association is the main professional trade group for journalists who analyze and report on religious issues for newspapers, magazines, wire services, and news agencies. Its yearly awards recognize journalism excellence by measuring a magazine’s grasp on a diversity of religion issues. Tikkun was honored to receive first place this year in the overall excellence category for print magazines. Christianity Today placed second, and Moment magazine came in third. Honorable Mention was awarded to Sojourners.
In accepting the award, we would like to give recognition to the many authors, artists, and volunteers who so generously donate their work and their time to produce this magazine. We would also like to say thank you to the grassroots donors and members of the Network of Spiritual Progressives whose gifts sustain the magazine. As a grassroots-funded nonprofit publication, Tikkun is a collaborative labor of love that would not be possible without these many gifts. Just as we rely on donated writing, art, and the tireless volunteer work of many editorial volunteers (including the magazine’s founder, Rabbi Michael Lerner, who now donates his time as a full-time volunteer), we also rely on donations from readers to continue bringing these powerful interfaith conversations into the public sphere. Please join us in celebrating this award by making a donation today – in doing so you will enable us to continue bringing these transformative ideas and analyses into the world!

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  1. As a former member of RNA (formerly religion editor Boston Herald Traveler and staff writer for Religious News Service). I want to applaud the choice. Religion is rarely intelligently or even accurately reported in the media — except in Tikkun, of course, which happily brings an ecumenical marriage of intelligence, spirit, and ethics to the game.

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