Grieving and Mourning Israel/Palestine & Communicating Across Differences


Israel-Palestine Are you upset about what is happening in Israel/Palestine?
Are you tired of the vitriolic discourse with friends, family members, or on social media?
Do you want to learn skills to communicate compassionately and effectively across differences? Want a safe place to grieve and mourn?
… If so, this workshop is for you.
Come meet others who care deeply about ending the suffering in the Middle East, and learn how to effectively communicate with others with whom you might not agree!
The Network of Spiritual Progressives and Tikkun are offering a four-hour workshop where you willlearn techniques to deal with your distress, rage, and upset about the situation in Israel and Palestine and also have opportunities to learn and practice skills for hearing those who don’t agree with you and expressing yourself more effectively. You will leave feeling empowered to engage in healthy discourse, even with those with whom you disagree.

The workshop will include various mediums for self-expression and compassionate listening and speaking as well as teaching and coaching in Empathic Communication and conflict resolution.
If you and a friend or close relative are struggling to talk about this important issue, we encourage both of you to attend this workshop together – you will have an opportunity to hear each other and deepen your understanding and compassion. And of course you are welcome to come alone.
When: Sunday, September 14th Time: 1:00 – 5:00pm
Where:Berkeley near the U.C. campus – you will be given the address once you register.
NOT IN Northern California? One of the ways that we at the Network of Spiritual Progressives contribute to peace making is to provide trainings on Empathic Communication that affirms the humanity of those with whom we disagree, as well as how to get beyond our emotional blocks so that we can think rationally about how best to achieve peace and justice in our world. You probably know someone in the Bay Area who would benefit from this kind of training even if you yourself can’t make it, so please send them this information and put it on your Facebook or other social media pages. If you want us to do this kind of training wherever you live in the U.S. or Canada and you can assemble 40-50 people to be part of it, let us know, please, and we’ll see how best to work out the details.
Who: Rabbi Michael Lerner and Cat J. Zavis
Rabbi Lerner has written extensively on this subject and in his latest book,Embracing Israel/Palestine, explains the psychological underpinnings of the conflict and the importance of compassion for both sides. Cat J. Zavis is a mediator, trainer and coach in Empathic Communication and conflict resolution. She has conducted trainings for mediators, collaborative attorneys, therapists and coaches as well as spiritual centers, divorced parents and others either in conflict themselves or working to support others navigate conflict.
Cost: $35.00 for the general public, $25.00 for current Tikkun subscribers and current paid members of the NSP or Beyt Tikkun (enter “Member” in the discount code), and $10.00 for students (enter “Student” in discount code)
Registration Required: To register, either pay online here, send check to Tikkun, 2342 Shattuck Ave, #1200, Berkeley, CA 94704 (along with an email to letting her know you have sent in a check so she can register you immediately) or email

Sponsored by the Network of Spiritual Progressives

One thought on “Grieving and Mourning Israel/Palestine & Communicating Across Differences

  1. That’s how your Palestinian Arab friends estimate the Jewish people:
    Senior PLO official Hanan Ashrawi
    attacks Obama
    for acknowledging Jewish history
    in the land of Israel:
    “[Obama] has adopted the discourse
    of Zionist ideology…
    [He spoke] about the Jews’ return to their land,
    [saying] that this is a Jewish state,
    the Zionist dream, and so on.
    Obama’s adoption of the discourse
    of extremist Zionist ideology…
    is dangerous.”
    by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

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